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Internship: Metrik Design Intern Summer 2020

My work as a Design Intern at Metrik

As the work I was doing at Metrik is part of an active and ongoing project, there is a lot of information and many screenshots that I am unable to share. The following is a brief summary of my work. For more information, please feel free reach out to me at

The Project

This summer I assisted on a project designing and developing a centralized application for a legal service company. This application helps both the and their clients by highlighting key metrics about Cost, Spend, Utilization, and Productivity.

My Role

My contribution to the project included aggregating survey responses into a report, creating and iterating on UI elements, writing interaction notes, and solely developing an HTML/CSS style guide.

My Work

Below are a few screenshots of the work I did over the summer. All the wireframes were created in Sketch.

Report of Survey Responses

Before designing anything, I compiled a report based on UXR/SME survey responses to better gauge the potential needs and market opportunities within in-house legal department software. Below are a few samples of the report.

Report 1 Report 2
Report 3 Report 4

Wireframes of Application Features

My first design task was to create wireframes for various modal windows within the application. In addition, I wrote interaction notes to describe how users would interact with them within the context of the application.

Metrik Attachments Modal 1 Metrik Attachments Modal 2
Metrik Watcher Modal Metrik New Task Modal

Wireframes of Data Visualizations

In addition to wireframing various UI elements and interactions, I was tasked with more specifically creating visualizations to convey the most pressing information at a high level without being overwhelming. Within each visualization module there were ways to pivot to different perspectives or drill in to access the more granular data.

Each visualization was created after participating in numerous feature requirement gathering sessions with stakeholders throughout the summer.

Style Guide

Following this, I solely created a style guide to help communicate the design styles established in the wireframes so that the developers would be able to code with consistency throughout the application development. For each significant UI element, I explained its context within the application, created examples, and listed out the necessary modifications to basic Bootstrap elements.

Conclusion and Reflection

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and ensuing quarantine, I'm extremely grateful for the opportunity to work and learn over the summer. Working remotely for the first time definitely had its difficulties, especially without other interns to interact with. While my previous work experience prepared me for meetings and working with client/stakeholder needs, I still faced my fair share of hurdles. Since this was my first design position, I struggled with receiving design critiques at first, but was quickly able to turn them into motivation for growth. I've come out of this experience with the mindset of someone more than happy to receive any and all feedback or criticism. My time at Metrik has also shaped me into a better communicator (especially over video calls) and most importantly jumpstarted my passion for design. I'm super excited to continue working in the design field and can't wait for whatever future opportunities come my way!